About me

My name is Barry, also know as Orician. I was born in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. This was not where I grew up though. I grew up in the City of Almere and I currently live here.

My first introduction to trance music was by my oldest brother. Like a lot of others he was always blasting his music through the house. All kinds of genres were played. From techno to pop music. But out of all these different styles, trance was the genre that stuck with me.

Several years later on middle school I met this guy that made his own trance music. I thought that was amazing. After some weeks I started to get interested in how he made those tracks. This was the first time I got to see how electronic music was made. I though by myself, I can do this. Big mistake of course. After weeks of work and trying my hardest I finally made my own track. It felt great to just let everything go and to focus on sounds.

Music production was not the only thing I got interested in. I started to do some research on DJing. Making music and playing it with all these other amazing tracks is what I always wanted to do. So after countless tutorial videos of how to mix properly I started to try this myself with the dj controller I got for my birthday. A really simple thing with all the basic stuff you need. This way I learned how to make a proper DJ mix.

So now we are several years further and I’m still setting goals for myself to reach. I keep improving my mixes and my own tracks. I keep trying to reach new people with my music and of course I always try to have fun with this.